Hose Solutions

Wide Product Range

Hydrokrimp offers a wide range of Hydraulic and Industrial Hose Assembly units using rubber hoses of different types and construction, to take care of nearly all types of application in engineering and industry.

Hydrokrimp provides Hose solutions for:
- Hydraulic Pressure Lines including Multi-Fluid Applications
- High Temperature Hoses
- Hoses for Return Lines & Suction Lines
- Oil field hoses viz Rotary Drilling, Vibrator & Decoking Hoses
- Automotive hoses used in Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Air Brakes
- Ultra abrasion resistant Hoses

Widest Pressure Range in Hose Solution

Hydrokrimp offers Hose solutions for the widest range of pressure applications:
- Vacuum applications (pressure as low as 25 in. Hg)
- Hydraulic Applications (pressure as high as 6,000 psi)
- Very high pressure Hydraulic Jack Application (10,000 psi)

Hydrokrimp Hoses conform to all major International Standards such as SAE, DIN/EN, ISO, JIS, BCS.

Temperature Range

Braided Hose Assemblies: Several types of Hoses having High Temperature Capability upto 149oC.

Spiral Hose Assemblies: Hdrokrimp Spiral Hoses have the capability to withstand temperatures up to 121oC.

Multi-Fluid Compatibility

Same Hose can be used for more than one fluid medium.

Spiral Hoses: Compatible with Biodegradable as well as Petroleum based Hydraulic Fluids

Braided Hoses: Suitable for Petroleum & Phosphate Ester Fluids and Water Emulsions

ACR Hoses: Suitable for Petroleum & Water Based Hydraulic Fluids and Oils

Superior Abrasion Resistant Hoses

Extra Tuff Abrasion Resistant Covers

These Hoses last up to 300 times longer than standard hose during hose-to-hose and hose-to-metal abrasion tests.

Ultra Flexibility: Half SAE Bend Radius Hoses

The extra-ordinary flexibility of our hoses lead to smaller bend radius, thus requiring shorter hose length and occupying smaller space.

- Economy in Hose Consumption
- Half Bend Radius hoses mean shorter hose and therefore less cost
- Flexibility allows for routing in small spaces

High Impulse Performance

The maximum Impulse cycle requirement stipulated by any International Standard is Half-a-Million cycles. Hydrokrimp Hose units have proved a performance for more than One Million Impulse cycle at Half SAE Bend Radius.

Strict dimension checks during our manufacturing process ensures uniform Dimensional and Performance parameters, thereby ensuring better compatibility between hose & coupling. This helps reduce occurrence of failure, and thus increases the life of our hoses, eventually making our hose assemblies cheaper.