Manufacturing Process

Hose Store

At our Hose store, at all times any possibility of impact damage and/or hose cover abrasion is avoided.

When stored in coil form, coil is maintained at as large a size as possible and storage area is free from any chance of damage.

Conditions maintained at Hose storage area:
- Temperature is maintained between 0 - 35ยบ C (Preferably 15ยบ C).
- Humidity is maintained below 65%.
- Protection from sun light, ozone, oil, solvents, greases.
- Protection from sources of heat, electric & magnetic fields.

Mechanized Hose Storage

Mechanized handling of hose helps in ensuring that hose is not damaged during handling and storage.

End Fittings Store
Coupling Pusher
Hose Crimping
Hose Crimping
Jet Pallet Cleaning

Contamination inside the Hose Assembly cause over 75% hydraulic failure.

Contamination may result from
- Residual oil/grease
- Dust particles of metal/rubber
- Entry of foreign particles during storage
- Unfiltered oil, Particles in the tank
- Abrasion wear of system components

Action for cleanliness is vital for smooth functioning and longer service life.

Hose Caping
Hose Caping