Quality Assurance

Hydrokrimp's Hose Assemblies are manufactured with the latest and most modern equipments available in the world. The inputs are of the highest order. Stringent quality control at every stage of manufacture ensures finished product to be of best international quality.

Hose Assemblies are subjected to rigorous tests after manufacture to ensure that they comply with International Standards such as SAE, ISO, DIN, BS, NCB and IS.

Some of the tests carried out to ensure quality of Hose and End Fittings are listed below:

At Hydrokrimp's factory

  1. Dimensional Check Test: To ensure concentricity of lining, accuracy of hose dimensions.
  2. Proof Test: To affirm the capability of the Hose Assembly to withstand sustained Working Pressure.
  3. Change in Length Test: To ensure correct construction.
  4. Brush Test: To ensure that the Hose Assemblies do not fail below minimum stipulated Brush Pressure.
  5. Leakage Test: To ensure good hose compatibility.
  6. Visual Examination: To check any visible defects.

At Hose manufacturer's factory

  1. Cold Flexibility Test: To maintain high level of flexibility in the hose assemblies even at low temperature.
  2. Oil Absorption Test: To ensure that hose cover and lining are not affected by oil contamination.
  3. Ozone Resistance Test: To ensure resistance of Hose cover to effects of ozone.
  4. Fire Resistance Test: To check fire resistance properties of Hose.
  5. Electrical Resistance Test: To check anti-static properties of Hose.
  6. Impulse Test: By far the most critical of all the tests. Simulation of surge pressure under certain specific conditions as stipulated in ISO 1436 : 1978 and SAE J343d. The impulse pressure curve must fall entirely within the shaded area of figure given below and should conform as closely as possible to the curve shown.
    Impulse Test of Hose Assembly
    Our Hoses are tested with Square Wave impulses